Who can I call for more information about the program?

o   You can reach Apples for the Students program headquarters coordinator at 1-800-999-7750.

o   Or, if you prefer, you can email the program coordinator at coordinator@aftsgreers.com.

What are this year's program dates?

o   Receipt collection begins on Sep. 1, 2019 and concludes on March 14, 2020.  Receipts are due to program headquarters by April 3, 2020 and orders are to be submitted by April 24, 2020.

 Are there exclusions on our receipts? 

o   State laws mandate that certain items are ineligible.  In most states, alcohol, tobacco, postage, lottery, fuel, Ticketmaster, gift cards, money orders and wire transfers are to be excluded from the receipt totals.

 Do I need to re-register my school each year?

o   Yes.  Every school must register each year to be eligible to join the program.

 Can we “adopt” the community & local businesses to help?

                o   Yes.  We recommend sending a letter to local businesses, clubs and organizations telling them about your ongoing program and to encourage their support. 

                o    For more information on Rallying Support, refer to page 6 of the Coordinator Instructions.


What other ways can I publicize our involvement in the program?

            o   In the “DOWNLOAD” section you will find a suggested Press Release that you can customize and send to the press or use on your social media pages.

 How frequently do we need to send in our register tapes to program headquarters?

o   We recommend you send them in periodically. By doing so you will accumulate points in your school's account. Once points appear in your school's account you can begin redeeming them for FREE educational equipment.

 When should we expect our awards?

             o   Once we receive your order you should receive the awards in 6-8 weeks.  Remember, multiple items may be sent from different shipping locations so you may receive                          several packages.

New Schools: Click on the “Register Here” tab, at the top left, and follow the instructions. If your school is not found, contact us at 800-999-7750 for assistance in enrolling your school.

Returning Schools: Click on the “Login Here” tab, at the top left, and update your school using the username and password that can be found in the welcome email.